Sunday, June 27, 2010

June 21 - June 27

It has been a well traveled week for us.  It began with a dip in the pool with the family on post.  I met a few people, toured the activities that are on base and relaxed in a cool apartment.  Our lights went out 3 of the days this week, the last night being Tuesday.  That called for a trip to WalMart for some mid-night shopping.  I browsed the craft aisle and saw a few "stamps" without backs.  I think I would have to mount them onto something in order to use them.  I am looking into doing a few "things".   On Thursday, we drove to Dallas for my DIL's doctors appointment.  She may have to be hospitalized and her pregnancy monitored; the decision to be made sometime in the following week.  We drove from Dallas to Houston and spent the night.  On Friday we went to a museum, had lunch and drove home just in time to pick up the dog and unwind.  Saturday was a lazy day for me. Rejuvenating from the trip.  Resting, sleeping and resting was my routine for the day.  I have lots of pics but can't pull them off the camera.. :-(.  Today is Sunday and it's time to check out what I will be doing (scrapbooking) for the coming week. 

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